Rookie Award Presentation

Brother Chad Ralph, Junior Steward, is presented with his Rookie Award by WM Scott McEuen with his wife by his side.

This is an award designed to help Indiana Lodges to recognize new Master Masons who become actively involved in their symbolic Lodge and Freemasonry in general during their first year in our fraternity.

Criteria for Earning the Rookie Award

  1. Attend the conferral of at least one EA, FC, and MM degree at any Lodge.
  2. Attend at least six stated and or called meetings of a candidate’s home Lodge.
  3. Visit another Lodge for a called or stated meeting.
  4. Participate in a social event or fund-raising activity of a local Lodge.
  5. Assist in setting up the Lodge room for a degree or help with the preparation and serving of a Lodge dinner.
  6. Participate in the conferral of at least one Masonic degree.
  7. Attend a function that celebrates a member’s life within the craft. Examples: a 50-year award of Gold, a Memorial

    Service in the event of a members’ passing to commemorate his life, and his service to the fraternity and for the

    consolation of the deceased’s family.

  8. Attend at least one Lodge of Instruction, or Ritual Workshop.
  9. Serve on the investigating committee of at least one new candidate, assist a widow or brother with the

    completion a small home project.

  10. Assist or visit a sick, shut-in, or hospitalized Lodge brother or widow with other Lodge members, or take part in a committee to send cards, or make phone calls to shut-in members.
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